About Us


Jack Sinclair

My name is Jack Sinclair and this is my web site.

I started this web site with my dad (Brendon) because we found these bike lifts and they’re so good we thought we could sell them.

We use them ourselves – we have 4 in our garage and they’re fantastic.

The reason I want to make some money is because I want to be a pilot.  I’m currently having lessons at Air Gold Coast to get my private pilot’s license.

The lessons are really expensive so I came up with this idea to sell the bike lifts to help pay for my lessons (Dad said “Jack, get a job”!).

The bike lifts are really good, so I’m happy that we can sell such a good product and pay for my flying lessons.

So thank you if you buy 1.

What Else About Me?

I cycled across Australia with my Dad in September 2008.  Here’s the web site:


long-straightThis is me after cycling Australia’s longest, straightest bit of road
(we had a massive tailwind and covered 260 kms for the day!)

We raised some money for charity.  I am the youngest person to ever cycle across Australia (I was 15 when we did it).

I’m 18 now.  We live on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

I’m having a “gap” year this year (doing some part time work with Kathmandu and this heart rate monitor business).

In April 2011 I did a solo 1,200 km run around Tasmania.  The Mercury newspaper did a little story on me here.

If you email us or call us (07 5534 1228) , you might get Dad (his name is Brendon) answering because he works on his computer all day for his main business.

Thanks for visiting the site.

Jack Sinclair