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Will I have my Bike Lift for Christmas?

Bike Lifts are a fantastic Christmas present and since all of our bike lifts are posted in an overnight bag you should have your bike lift the following working day after you order it.  It may take a few extra days if you live outside of Australia Post’s express delivery range.  We will be taking orders right up until Christmas.

What is the most important thing to do when installing the Bike Lift?

Ensure that the 2 pieces of the Bike Lift assembly are screwed into ceiling joists (beams) rather than just the plasterboard.

That way they’ll easily support your bike.

My ceiling is on an angle.  Does that matter?

Yes, you can use the Bike Lift on a sloped ceiling, just make sure that the front lift assembly with locking mechanism is at the highest point when you mount to the ceiling.


What’s the maximum safe weight that the Bike Lift can hold?

Of course, nobody wants a bike to fall on their head! It may make an interesting story when someone asks you where the bruise came from, but we’d like to avoid that! ;o)

The Bike Lift can safely hold a 22kg bike.

You’d be hard pressed to find a bike that heavy these days.


What is the minimum distance between the ceiling and the top of the bike?

When fully hoisted, the bike is 22 cm from the top of the ceiling.

Front handle bars are 22 cm from the ceiling

Front handle bars are 22 cm from the ceiling

faqs-bl-smMmmmmm.  My top brackets look smaller than in the photo above?  Have you ripped me off Jack??!

With the new design, the 2 brackets you screw into the ceiling are now about 1/2 the size they used to be (the ‘old’ bracket is the one in the photo above).

They’re still strong and able to take the same weight as the larger brackets.

About the only difference is that now we can post the bike lifts out for so much less – in fact we’ve gone from $9.95 for postage and handling to $0.

faqs-bl-smDoes the Bike Lift come with everything I’ll need for installation?

The Bike Lift comes with all hardware, screws, rope and of course instructions.

The only things you’ll need are a tape measure, Philips Head screwdriver, a ladder and perhaps a stud finder.

How much is postage and handling?

The postage is $0, zilch, zero, not a cracker.  AND we’ll post out in an overnight bag.

I have a 7 metre high ceiling – is that too high?

No! The rope is 14.6m so you will be able to get your bike on the ceiling.


Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to Australia only. For US and Canadian orders, please see


Where do the profits go?

Good question!

The profits go to me (Jack) to help me pay for my pilot’s licence. I want to get into the Air Force as a pilot and every little bit helps!


What do you know about bikes, Jack?

Another excellent question that makes me suspect we’re making these up ourselves!

I know a little about bikes – I’m the youngest person ever to cycle across Australia (4,500 kms in 30 days) and I manage the web site for the Sydney to Surfers bike ride.


I’ve heard that you’re better looking, smarter and funnier than you’re brother Harry.  Is this true?

Funny you should ask!!  Yes, it’s absolutely true.  And the funny thing is that he’ll never read this page!

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